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Show Rules & Regulations
Official Show Classes

The Florida Junior Brahman Association reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and to arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions and differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of or connected with or incident to the show, and the right to amend or add to these rules as its judgment may determine. An exhibitor who violates any of the following rules will forfeit all privileges and premiums.

1. Statement of Liability: All livestock exhibitors will be under the control and direction of the show management, but the show will in no case be Responsible for any loss or damage that may occur.
a. Each exhibitor will be solely responsible for any consequential loss, injury or damage done to, occasioned by, or arising from any animal or article they exhibit and for its description as given. All owners and those in charge of property or livestock shall care for, guard, protect and preserve the same. The show will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.
b. Exhibitors shall indemnify the show against all legal or other proceedings in regard thereto, as well as damage or injury to any other person or property caused by the exhibitor, or any of the animals exhibited by him, or arising out of, or in any way connected with such exhibitor or any of the animals so exhibited.
c. All persons who attend a FJBA Show do so at their own risk and the Florida Junior Brahman Association assume no liability, legal or otherwise, for any accident that may occur.

2. Exhibitor Eligibility: To be eligible to exhibit cattle at an FJBA Sanctioned Show exhibitors MUST BE current FJBA members, between the ages of 8 to 18 and have not graduated from High School as of the annual Kickoff Show.

3. Entry Fees: Entry fees for FJBA Sponsored Shows $20.00 per head for entries, and $10.00 per exhibitor for showmanship must accompany entry forms. Entry fees will not be refunded. This does not mandate entry fees for non-sponsored shows used for points purposes.

4. Substitutions: Substitutions will be accepted at check in of show. No substitutions will be accepted once check in closes.

5. Judge Selection: The FJBA Board of Directors will select judges randomly from a list provided by the FJBA Advisory Committee.
    a. No parent of any exhibitor may serve as a judge of any FJBA Show contest.

6. Ownership and Possession:
    a. Ownership:
          i. All Animals must be in the exhibitor’s possession and in the records of the American Brahman Breeders Association in the sole name of the exhibitor prior to exhibiting the animal. The ownership date that the FJBA Advisory Board recognizes is the date of delivery listed on the papers and entered in the ABBA record book.
          ii. Multiple owned cattle will not be allowed to enter FJBA Shows. The animal being entered must be registered in the sole name of the junior showing the animal.
          iii. All entries must present the original registration paper or the original copy at the time of check in. After check in is closed, no cattle will be allowed to check their papers. Animals with incorrect registration papers will be disqualified. This information must be in order on arrival at the show.
    b. Possession:
          i. Junior members will maintain possession and utilize best management practices of their entries.
          ii. Exhibitors must have leased, purchased, or raised the entry for the show, and the animal must be in the entrant’s direct possession and under their direct care.

* All above regulations regarding the possession and care of animal between the ownership deadline and the show will carry over to the actual period of the show. Therefore, meaning only exhibitors, parents, legal guardians, and/or family members are permitted caregivers at the FJBA Shows.

7. Daily Care of Animals: While at the FJBA Shows, exhibitors are expected to keep the area around their exhibit neat and clean at all times.

8. Exhibition: All entries in the show must be exhibited at the FJBA Shows by the individual owner, with the following exceptions:
    a. If an exhibitor has more than one entry in one class, or
    b. If an exhibitor is not able to show due to sickness, and has presented a doctor’s note.

*If these scenarios arise, another exhibitor may show in his/her place. All exceptions must be cleared with the FJBA Advisory Committee.

9. Judge’s Ruling: The decision of the judge shall be final in all cases. In cases where fraud, misrepresentation, error or collusion is discussed or in question after awards have been given, questioning parties may remit a protest to The FJBA Advisory Committee (See rule 22).

10. Show Ring Protocol:
    a. Entries will be listed in the catalog in order by age (oldest to youngest) and will be led into the show ring in order of catalog entry number (see official show classes).
    b. Judging will not be delayed for animals entering the arena late. Any exhibit that is not presented before their class has been initially lined up and set in the showring for judging will be banned from competition in the class. Protests that the judge overlooked these exhibits will not be considered.
    c. Any entry that breaks away will be released from the ring after the third breakaway. Dismissal will be executed by a member of the FJBA Advisory Committee.
    d. Nose leads will be mandatory for any bull that is exhibited.
    e. If any exhibitor or his/her parent, guardian or other representative interferes with or shows disrespect to the judge or show in any way, the exhibitor will be dismissed from the ring, have premium monies withheld, and may be

11. Health: Usual state and interstate brucellosis and tuberculosis requirements will apply. Every animal at the FJBA Show must have an official health certificate verified by a licensed veterinarian within 90 days of the show and must meet state animal health commission requirements of the hosting state.

12. Pregnancy Requirement: All females in the Senior Division will follow Pregnancy Requirements set forth by the ABBA Show rules.

13. Color Classification: The FJBA Shows will have a grey division and red division. All grey cattle and solid black cattle will show grey. Red, black & white speckled or red & white speckled cattle will show red. Any animal that is color classified and is shown at an FJBA Approved Show in another color classification will be in-eligible to show their remaining career. The exhibitor of the animal that is shown in the wrong color division will be in-eligible to show any animals for 13 months following the infraction.

14. Alteration, Modification and Unethical Fitting:
    a. Alteration or modification shall be defined to include any surgical or circulatory constriction including banding or other appearance change. Injections of foreign substances internally for cosmetic purposes, steroids, growth hormones or stimulants shall be prohibited. The ONLY modifications or alterations that are considered ethical by the FJBA include:
          i. Branding, tattooing, hoof trimming and dehorning.
    b. Any animal that has been fitted in an unethical manner will be disqualified. Unethical fitting situations include:
          i. Any altering of the natural color of the animal with use of dyes, paint and hair coloring conditions.
          ii. Adding any hair like material or hair itself to the animal, including tail switches.
          iii. The injection of any gas, solid or liquid under the hide of an animal.
          iv. Any products/solutions/water/liquids internally or externally to alter the animal in any way. This also includes the use of stomach pumps, drench guns or any other method which passes past the esophagus.
          v. Any exceptions due to animal health concerns must be done under the approval and supervision of the official show vet (who may not be a Brahman breeder or parent of FJBA exhibitor) and approved by FJBA Advisory Committee.
    c. Any rules not covered in these rules will be consistent with the ABBA show rules, such as alterations of cattle’s conformation, etc.

15. Dress Code: Exhibitors are expected to wear appropriate, professional attire at all times while in the showring. Dress code violations include entering the showring wearing:
    a. A cap
    b. White shoes
    c. Clothing supporting tobacco products or with distasteful advertisements.
    d. Shirts that show the exhibitor’s stomach. Appropriate showring shirts will be collared, have sleeves and reach the belt line of the exhibitor’s jeans.

16. Code of Conduct: All exhibitors and parents must follow the Code of Conduct. All exhibitors and parents in attendance at the FJBA Shows are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and sportsmanlike manner and abide by the on-site directives of the FJBA Advisory Committee. Violations of these standards include, but are not limited to: misrepresentation of animals, vandalism, theft, fighting, unsportsmanlike conduct, failure to comply with the directives of officials, exhibitors being under the influence of intoxicating or prohibited substances, or willful violation of rules. The FJBA Advisory Committee will have zero tolerance for these violations. Failure to adhere to the above regulations will lead to disciplinary actions, including expulsion from the FJBA at the discretion of the FJBA Advisory Committee according to FJBA By-Laws.

Disciplinary actions may include, but are not to be limited to:
    1. Forfeiture or return awards, prizes, premiums or proceeds.
    2. Written letter of reprimand to the responsible party
    3. Disqualification of animal in violation from exhibition
    4. Disqualification of an exhibitor/member from future FJBA Shows
    5. Publication of the offense

17. Authority of Show Management and Youth Activities Committee: FJBA Advisory Committee will have the authority to enforce these rules and address rule violations as they occur during any FJBA Show. This may include frequent assessment of the barns and show ring to ensure rules are being respected. If exhibitors are found violating rules, the figures listed above are authorized to take further action with the committee.

18. Protests: All protests must be in writing, along with a $250 protest fee and must state plainly the cause of complaint or appeal and must be delivered to the FJBA Advisory Committee within 72 hours of the infraction. Depending on the basis of the protest, a decision may be withheld until complete investigation is done. If the protest is proven valid, the protest fee will be returned and the exhibitor will be assigned punishment, which, at the discretion of the FJBA Advisory Committee, may include forfeit of title, awards and premiums and disqualification. If the protest is not proven valid, the protest fee will be retained by the FJBA Advisory Committee. Failure to comply with the committee’s ruling will result in indefinite suspension from FJBA Shows.


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